Renegade Fitness Success Stories

  • Betty, 45, Artist/Musician, Renegade Fitness Testimonials

    I'd wanted to start getting back into shape for a few years.  Last year we went on tour for 6 weeks.  Going on tour means a lot of sitting in a van for most of the day and eating pretty bad truck stop food.  By the end of that tour I was 10 lbs heavier than I ever want to be.  I was not happy about it. 
    I wanted to get in shape, lose fat, gain muscle, gain strength, gain stamina.  Renegade Fitness has exceeded my expectations!
    Almost right away I had more energy.  Shirts that had never quite fit me look great on me now.  I absolutely feel more confident and focused.
    I'm down 15 pounds and have more strength and muscle mass.  I have much better eating habits.  I can wear my Earth shirt.  Thank you Renegade Fitness!

    Betty, 45, Artist/Musician
  • Candy, 62 - mother of 2, grandmother of 6, Renegade Fitness Testimonials

    I've been training with Aaron for almost 14 years.  He's the best!!!
    His strength training programs are individualized and suit my personal needs.  I have issues with my hips, and his exercise and stretching programming have helped me keep on moving! 

    I'm 61 and I have never looked or felt so fit, and it's all because of Renegade Fitness!

    Candy, 62 - mother of 2, grandmother of 6
  •  CJ Scott-41, United States Marine, Renegade Fitness Testimonials

    I got this doctor, says
    Me trying to beat my past, ain't good for me.
    She's doctor, she's likely right. 

    But the man that made this shirt,...
    was a boy once. Told a real angry
    -thought- he was bad, other boy
    "I bet you can't lay a hand on me."

    (I didn't)

    That, was 1990. It's 26 YEARS
    And what feels like three lifetimes

    I still have the first work out plan he made me
    "Burn it" he said
    I am the more sentimental 
    of the two of us.

    (I haven't)

    We're both 41. Left handed. Our wives say
    "You guys look like brothers"
    He's blond and Jewish and I'm...well


    I put this thing on, and I'm still
    Trying to catch that kid. I tried for
    Four hours today and tomorrow
    I'll try again. 

    I might never catch him.

    I'll live longer, trying. 

    If you can get down to El Portal, Florida
    "Renegade Fitness" is his gym
    He's still doing what he's always done.

    Teaching the angry, the weak,
    the scared and the young
    To be strong enough 
    that none of that

    CJ Scott-41, United States Marine
  • Carla, 44 - Attorney, Renegade Fitness Testimonials

    I was dissatisfied with my physique and all the trainers that I had in the past.  Aaron came highly recommended from a great friend of mine approximately two years ago.  My friend physically and mentally was in the shape and condition I had always wanted to be in. 

    Initially, I was hoping for a better body.  However, what I truly gained was a complete new me and way of thinking.  I have to say that one of the most life changing moments for me is when I met Aaron for lunch early in my training to discuss my eating habits and the changes I needed to make.  At that meeting, Aaron introduced me to a new way of viewing food and eating... Prior to changing the way I ate, in addition to being overweight, I had acne problems.  After changing my eating habits, I started shedding the pounds and my skin started clearing up.

    When I started with Aaron, I was a size 10, I am now a size 6.  I have never in my entire 44 years of living been a size 6!  And I really never considered being that small for fear of not achieving it.  Working with Aaron, however, I never really focused on weight, I focused on being fit and healthy.  I think that was the trick that made it all possible.  My experience has been extraordinary.  If I had my way, my entire family and friends would be working with Aaron!

    Carla, 44 - Attorney
  • Gavin, 45, Artist/Musician, Renegade Fitness Testimonials

    I wanted to be in good shape, fit and feeling good.  I've wanted that for a long time.  I had an existing back injury and was struggling to find a way to treat it without surgery. 
    I was hoping in gain mobility.  I immediately began to alter my goals.  Within the first month of training and changing my nutrition it felt like I short sighted my peak.  I'm learning not to set ceiling heights so easily!
    My waistline is slimmer, I have muscle definition like I've never had before.  I'm still a work in progress, but that idea alone is exciting at 45.  It's been an incredible journey in the short time we've been working together.  I'm thrilled about the potential, about the future.  Stoked beyond these words!

    (Gavin lost over 30 pounds in his first 90 days, but more, he is more confident, focused, and committed!)

    Gavin, 45, Artist/Musician
  • Janis, 50 - Mother of 2, Renegade Fitness Testimonials

    I was hoping to get back into shape after years of doing very little compared to my younger days (pre-children).  My goal is to compete next summer at Nationals in the sport of jump rope along with my kids.  It's too soon to say how I will be as a jumper, but I am feeling so much better about my physical condition than I have in year!  I would say Renegade Fitness has exceeded my expectations.

    Janis, 50 - Mother of 2
  • Maribel, Renegade Fitness Testimonials

    From the evaluations, nutrition program, and workouts, the attention to my needs was met with the most professional attention. I lost 20 lbs, inches off my body, gained pounds of lean muscle, and feel amazing! (Maribel trained 4 days/week for 90 days to achieve these results)

  • Miryam, 40, Renegade Fitness Testimonials

    Aaron's knowledge of everything that has to do with fitness, nutrition, and body mechanics is beyond impressive.  He is able to answer any and all fitness and nutrition questions and concerns with detail and accuracy, and I am a VERY curious person!  I believe that he is the ultimate coach and trainer.
    When I started working out, I was looking for total fitness.  I wanted to get in shape and stay in shape.  I've definitely noticed changes in my body in my problem areas, my upper arms and waist.  I've been more motivated to find workouts in between training sessions too!
    It's been a great experience so far at Renegade Fitness!  I have recommended and will continue to recommend Aaron's services!!!

    Miryam, 40
  • Veronica, Renegade Fitness Testimonials

    Aaron, THANK YOU!!! Words cannot express how grateful I am for your training!! (This was Veronica, just after completing her first obstacle course race. She trained 3x/week for a month specifically to prepare for this race)


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